Virtual Pool Vs Real Pool; Which is Better?

Real pool is the obvious way to go if you are learning to play pool. Most of the virtual pool games out there are not very realistic and true to the table. This one that I found is a great virtual pool game and everything holds true to life on this pool g

I have been playing pool a great many years and have always shunned virtual pool. However; in the not so distant past I found a good web site that has, what I consider to be, an excellent virtual pool game for someone trying to learn all of the things you can learn on a regular pool table but virtually. The site is at OMGPOP and they have a game where you earn merit badges for wins and credits for playing. You also climb in level as you progress.

Now, mind you, nothing can really compare to real pool but this game is the closest I have found to real pool for learning that is out there. You control everything from your stroke, to the English. It teaches you leaves and control because anything you put on the cue ball acts like it would on a regular table. I know because I have taken some of the extreme shots that I have tried on their pool game and used them on a real table and found that the results are the same.

Using this particular virtual pool game is an excellent learning tool for someone who can’t get out and practice. What’s really great about this is you can take the things you have learned on this game and apply it to real pool. The downside is you can’t see what your opponent is thinking or doing, what kind of English he is applying or anything of that nature. You don’t really know until he shoots. However, the upshot is you don’t pay anything to play, it’s free and you don’t lose anything except maybe a little pride when you lose.

If you are wanting to learn but don’t have access to a table I recommend OMGPOP’s virtual pool game. You will run into different levels of players and you can tell which ones are experienced just by the way they shoot. It’s a great learning tool but I don’t recommend playing that and assuming your ready for a tournament, for that you are going to need the real deal. But, for your basic learning tool, this is as good a starting point on virtual pool as any and the rules on this table hold true to a real table. One word or two of caution, they are playing ball-in-hand rules, and they are playing on a large table not a bar size table and they are using a standard small cue ball.

If you really want to dig your teeth into becoming a pool player, or even for an experienced player, this is a great game to teach you or help you work out difficult shots like banks and draw. Good Luck!


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